As previously reported, 2018 marked the beginning of a new era for the Energy Breakthrough. But whilst our event management team have faced some new challenges this year, we are also presented with some new opportunities. These opportunities include a different way of proposing, consulting on and implementing rule changes for the HPV and EEV categories especially, plus some ideas around Innovations In Technology.

HPV & EEV Rule Discussion Paper

Guiding Principles

The principles guiding Discussion Paper are:

  • ensuring safety for all;
  • updating some specifications to match current-day vehicle standards;
  • reducing confusing language where possible; and
  • encouraging innovation.

Innovations In Technology Ideas Wanted:

The Crafty Design concept that features in our Innovations In Technology category has largely remained the same for nearly 20 years. We’d like to hear from teachers, educators and inventors who might have ideas in a new schools challenge that could include :

  • Drones
  • Robotics / Coding
  • Fighting plastic waste
  • Still have a ‘Energy Breakthrough’ aspect to it

If there are programs and initiatives that you may have been involved in or would like to explore with us, please do be in touch.


So, what’s next?

Team Managers, vehicle manufacturers and educators will be invited to a meeting for discussion in December 2018. This will include a review of the post-event feedback surveys from this year and previous years to observe trends.

Express an interest in getting involved and having your say in the next round of discussions via the form below. There will be more opportunities to contribute, but this is one way to put your name forward for consideration.

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