One of the Energy Breakthrough’s six aims is to “Encourage young people to explore solutions to environmental and transport issues.” Whilst sometimes environmental issues can feel too huge to address, there is one environmental nasty that is in the spotlight this year because it CAN be tackled: Plastic.

Be #plasticfree this EB – choose tap!

Plastic water bottles – from small 600 ml to large 20 litre ones – are clogging up our recycling bins at the event and aren’t doing the environment any favours.

Sure, these are handy and cheap but – thanks to long time program sponsor Central Highlands Water (CHW) – you CAN make a difference at this year’s event.

To encourage schools to avoid bringing single-use plastics, Central Highlands Water (CHW) will once-again to install drinking stations and refill taps across the event site. These taps are available to get a drink or refill water containers on:

  • All ovals and campsites have taps (they are signposted with the Central Highlands Water logo and flags)
  • At the CHW hydration station near the Display & Presentation

If you are camping and are unsure of the location of these taps – please ask your Camping Coordinator.

Central Highlands Water have made significant strides in improving drinking water quality from taps in the area over the past decade – and it is now absolutely safe for consumption.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Bring your own water bottles to site
  2. Purchase for your school large jerry cans / water tanks that can be refilled at the taps around the campsites, rather than buying single use plastic. (Ask your sports teams)
  3. Nominate a water monitor in your team to make sure people are both hydrated properly; and that they are choosing tap, not plastic!
  4. Let your friends and family that are visiting that there will be drinking water available on site.
  5. Post your efforts in action on your social media accounts with the hashtag #ebmaryborough and #choosetap.
Central Highlands Water Logo

Central Highlands Water is committed to environmental education. 

Central Highlands Water are proud sponsors of the Innovations in Technology category of the Energy Breakthrough and they are looking forward to helping provide hands-on learning opportunities for participants again this year. Central Highlands Water is a regional water corporation providing high quality drinking water, sewerage, trade waste and recycled water services to customers in Ballarat and surrounding towns, including Maryborough.

For more information about CHW’s education program, please contact:

Shannon Haintz
Central Highlands Water
T: 03 5320 3251