2018 School’s Information Kits Released

2018 School’s Information Kits Released

Attention Team Managers: Your 2018 Event Info Kits are now ready to download! They are packed full of all the details, times and locations teams will need to know for this year’s Energy Breakthrough event and to ensure it is a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Inside the Machine

The Energy Breakthrough is unique in that all teams must compete three areas of assessment: Design and Construction, Display and Presentation and Trials. This means that at the event each and every one of our 360 teams receives a scheduled timeslot for judging of the first two aspects. This also means a LOT of volunteer judges need to be found and a LOT of timeslots to schedule.

Thankfully, we have two gems on our team who help make this happen:

  • Laurie Preston – who in a past life was a school Daily Organiser and Timetabler. Laurie takes into consideration each and every school’s arrival time to the event site and the total number of team’s they have to create manageable schedules that don’t clash. Laurie is also our Display & Presentation and Innovations In Technology Coordinator; and then
  • Lachy Hickey – our awesome Online Manager – can turn all of these times into customised, online schedules for each team and PDF documents that looks great, too.

We would like to acknowledge the huge amount of work these two in particular in producing this year’s Energy Breakthrough Info Kits.

Yes, the 2018 Schools Information Kits are ready for download and are packed full of all the details teams will need to know for this year’s  event!

All teams must download Part A: Need to Know as well as Part B (relevant to your team’s category).

The Information Kits contain :
  • Camping Details

  • Judging Schedules

  • Event Schedules

  • Entry Lists

  • Car & Bus Parking Information

  • Check-In Processes

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Anything else you can think of!

Find My Info Kit
Find My Schedules
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About the Author:

Nigel Preston is a self-confessed 'HPV Tragic'. After 'catching the bug' from his older brother, he helped launch the RACV Energy Breakthrough program at Eaglehawk SC with his dad and some mates way back in 1998. Having participated in the RACV EB for four years he finished his VCE in 2001 and volunteering to help with the event management straight away. He's been helping out ever since. Nigel has also been a part of teams that have taken line honours at the RACV EB in 2000 & 2001 (Bendigo Senior SC); the Australian International Pedal Prix 2003, 2004 & 2009 (Bendigo Youth Racing).

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