This session focused on the three key areas of the Energy Breakthrough:

  • Display & Presentation,
  • Design & Construction, and
  • The Trials.

Each component supports learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Presenters included Simon O’Mallon, La Trobe University, Matt Twin, Bendigo Tech School and Natalie Hurst, Bendigo Spirit along with one of two Lead Scrutineers, Michael McTigue.

Top Tips

Display & Presentation


  • Team effort – share
  • Pretend to be ‘confident’ (even if you’re not!) – it works!
  • Don’t read – use dot points on cue cards
  • Pick your passion and show enthusiasm
  • Read the criteria so you know what will be scored
  • Research – know what you’re talking about


  • Tell your story – and use BIG images on your ‘visual display’
  • “Timing’ – rehearse so you know how long you want to speak for.
  • Re-read the criteria


  • If it is ‘not said’ then you haven’t said it and you can’t get points for it!
  • Think about Points … ‘then laps’(each point in Display & Presentation is worth about 10 laps on the track!)


Think of being in a paddock looking at a mobile phone: it’s VERY hard to read the screen!

Design and Construction

  • You obviously can’t be destructive, so try little testing and little tweaks.
  • Try GPS tracking devices and apps (through a smartphone) on your vehicle to see how you can improve it: try different gears, different cornering techniques to see how you can find more speed!
  • Note: Be careful with data and your privacy.


  • Build your team!
  • Before the event: try to get as much sleep and rest as you can.
  • Hydration: drink a glass of water first thing each morning. Try different sports drinks if you’d like to see what works for you.
  • Be Prepared: Keep up your level of physical activity before the event.
  • Eat: Eat lots of vegies during the week, with more carbohydrates closer to the event.
  • Have a seventh day off: If you eat well six days a week, feel free to enjoy some ‘treat’ food on the final day.

Scrutineering and Technical Tips

  • Make your vehicle as clean and tidy as possible. Tape up any rough or sharps edges, clip off any cable tie ends, etc.
  • Enclosed front wheels.


  • Helmet tags and individual rider timing WON’T be provided in 2018. NOTE: They were tested in 2017.
  • Speed traps WILL be in place again during the Secondary HPV and EEV Trial. If a team exceeds 60 km/h that lap will be voided.