Yes, you heard right. Individual riders will be able to have their lap times automatically attributed to them during the HPV Secondary & EEV Practice and 24 Hour Trial. We’ve partnered with our friends and race timing experts at Multisport Australia to deliver this new opportunity to dig deeper into your team’s on-track data.

How will it work?

In an Energy Breakthrough first, all registered riders in the Secondary Human Powered Vehicles and Energy Efficient Vehicle categories will be allocated a small timing chip that can be stuck to their helmet using a mild adhesive. These disposable chips will be given to the Team Managers at Check-In.

Will it affect our overall trial positions?

Not at all. Team lap times – which are recorded with the transponders mounted to each vehicle – will be still shown and will remain as the key results we record. This is an optional extra, offered free of charge this year, to allSecondary Human Powered Vehicles and Energy Efficient Vehicle teams participating on the RACV Track.

What’s the big deal?

Each rider will now be able to see how many laps and their own lap times when they drill into the data within their team’s lap time.

Traditionally, friends and family members have kept stopwatches and notepad in the pits. They’ve tirelessly been counting laps, recording rider changeover times, pit stops and more – and then trying to match all of their notes with the official timing of the vehicle itself.

Now, you’ll be able to dig deeper into your team’s data to see who’s setting their own personal bests.

“We are excited to bring this new innovation to the RACV Energy Breakthrough to encourage the students to better understand their physical performance on the track,” explained Multisport Australia’s Greg D’Arcy.

“We’ve been partnering with the Breakthrough team for a decade now to deliver their timing solutions and we’re always coming up with new ways to make the data work harder for the teams. We love this event. It’s very different from the other Ironman, Triathlon, Marathon and Adventure races that we cover, but we’re always up for a challenge.” ~ Multisport Australia’s Greg D’Arcy

Above: The new timing loops that will capture individual rider times during the HPV Secondary and EEV track sessions.