The obstacles and challenges are ready for the 56 teams entered in the Cyient TRYathlon to rock, rumble and ride. Quick pit stops, fast acceleration, and smooth handling are key to success in the Time Trial and the Obstacle Rally, whilst the 8 Hour Endurance Trial on the CFA Track is a chance to really stretch the riders’ legs.

Here we take a quick look at this year’s Obstacles and which event is happening where.

This is the most widely assessed category at the Energy Breakthrough as teams complete:

  1. Scrutineering, Design & Construction (read more)
  2. Display & Presentation (read more)
  3. Trials
    1. Time Trial
    2. Obstacle Rally
    3. 8 Hour Endurance

Entrants use the same design requirements and specifications as for Human Powered Vehicles (HPVs), although there is an encouragement to set-up vehicles with an tight turning circle as this will help them excel in the Obstacle Rally event where there is plenty of weaving!

1. Time Trial

Each rider in each team takes a turn around the newest section of the RACV Track. There’s four teams that compete together at once. It’s hot mix, there’s fast corners and the riders tells us it’s lots of fun. In a slight change for 2017, the changeover zone will be in front of Pit C (EEV Pits).

Time: Friday 9am – 4pm

2. Obstacle Rally

This is truly what sets the Cyient TRYathlon apart from any other HPV event, well, anywhere that we know of!

There’s a ‘Free Practice’ period at the start of each of the sessions for teams to familiarise themselves with the course prior to their timed runs.

Time: Friday 9am – 4pm

Here’s a snapshot of the ‘obstacles’ planned for this year:


The classic test of handling! How fast can your riders navigate a scattering of witches hats across the track, without hitting one. There’s typically two or three paths through, so take your pick and commit!

Rumble Strip

It’s been part of the TRYathlon for a number of years now and creates a great buzz for the riders.
There’s a ‘chicken run’ here, too if riders aren’t too sure.


This is a technical challenge with a difference, with riders needing to keep a steady hand as they manoeuvre their vehicles onto the ramps. The ramps aren’t high and they certainly aren’t dangerous, but it’s a unique test of skill!


A brand new addition for 2017 are four see-saws where riders will ride onto and off a ramp that is at a gentle slope.
This is best done at slow speeds and it will be positioned at a slow part of the course for best effect.
Each team will be assigned a ramp, numbered 1 – 4, so that there is no queuing or potential damage to vehicles.

It’s been road tested by our crew and it has the thumbs up. But don’t worry there’s a ‘chicken run’ here, too if riders aren’t too sure.

Special ‘thank you’ to the team who have prepared these obstacles for us to use.

3.  8 Hour Endurance Trial

The Endurance component takes place on the CFA Track and it’s a chance for all of the teams to do as many laps as they possibly can from the shining 2pm sun through the dark by the 10 pm finish. Every vehicle is fitted with a transponder that counts every lap they complete.

There’s four different classes for 2017:

  • A: Teams made up of students up to Grade 6, where at least half of the team members are female.
  • All-Female
  • B/C: Teams made up of students in years 7 – 12, where at least half of the team members are female.
  • Open: Teams where less than half of the team members are female.

Time: Saturday 2pm – 10pm

Night Presentations

When it’s all run and done, you’d think they’d want to head for bed, right?
Most of the teams crowd around the stage for the Presentations and to celebrate their participation and respective achievements.
The atmosphere is pretty awesome.

Time: Saturday 11:30pm

About Cyient

Most people within our RACV EB community won’t know what Cyient do. Yet.

They are proud to be a sponsor of the RACV Energy Breakthrough and the supporters of the Cyient TRYathlon. Through this partnership, Cyient are seeking to encourage the next generation into careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

Cyient Limited is an engineering, network and operations solutions company headquartered in Hyderabad, India.

More than 12,000 associates across 38 global locations apply expertise in industries including aerospace, consumer, energy, medical, oil and gas, mining, heavy equipment, semiconductor, rail transportation, utilities and communications.

Visit the Cyient website >