The long-awaited 2017 School’s Handbook is finally here!

After much checking, reviewing and double checking, rules, regulations, specifications and criteria are now available for viewing in preparation for entries opening on the 15th of March, 2017.

Download your 2017 School’s Handbook Now >

Significant changes to 2017

  • There is now an All Female class added the Try-athlon category;
  • The “Junkyard Challenge” within the Innovations in Technology has been updated and will now challenge students to create a ‘Crafty Crane’ that will move a 4 kilogram weight a distance of 1 metre horizontally from its start position;
  • Due to popular demand, the endurance component of the Pushcarts has been extended to two laps of the Holden Track;
  • There are changes to seating requirements for Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) and Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEV);
  • There are new specifications regarding the power units and recharging available for Pedal / Electric Vehicles with theEnergy Efficient Vehicles; and
  • The Trial rules regarding Yellow flags and lights have revised.

Please make yourself familiar with the changes and seek further information as early as possible if you need clarification.

Important Note:

The RACV Energy Breakthrough team are currently in conversation with a number of stakeholder groups involved in the provision of Emergency Services at the event. If these discussions develop and agree on further changes to rules and, or vehicle specifications we reserve the right to introduce these in 2017 and notify teams of these changes at a later date.

2017 Entry Dates

Don’t forget; entries for the 2017 RACV Energy Breakthrough, to be held on the 23rd – 26th November, 2017 open next week.

As per 2016, entries will be open across three days. Please read our news article about entries to familiarise yourself with entry dates and times, here >