It’s that time of the year again… School’s back and the heat is amongst us, which can only mean one thing. RACV Energy Breakthrough entries!

As per 2016, the opening of entries in 2017 will be staggered across three days. This was very well received last year by Team Managers and helps reduce the stress levels for teachers and organisers alike!

As always, the entry process is first in, best dressed, which can sometimes mean classes become full within 30-60 seconds of opening. Be sure to use the test mode week (as advised below) to your advantage to ensure your account is ready to go.

Entry Dates

HPV Primary: Wednesday 15th March 2017 – 8AM
HPV Secondary: Thursday 16th March 2017 – 8AM
EEV, Try-athlon, Pushcarts & Innovations: Friday 17th March 2016 – 8AM
Entries Close: Friday 30th June, 2017 (Last Day of Term 2 – Victoria)

2017 Class Changes

  • 2016 was the final year for Single Power Source (petrol-only) vehicles. This means in 2017 only the Single Power Source Energy Efficient Vehicles will be electric powered.
  • The introduction of the try-athlon class of ‘All-Female’ is new to 2017. The all-female category is for any group of school students that consist of females only.

Full Category and Class descriptions can be found here.

2017 School’s Handbook

The 2017 School’s handbook will be available for download on Monday 6th, March. We encourage all team managers to download and read thoroughly, to ensure they will be compliant with the 2017 rules, regulations and safety specifications.

You can find the School’s Handbook under SchoolZone

Entry Caps

  • A maximum of three entries per school will be accepted in any category, except Innovations in Technology, which has no limit.
  • In the case of multi-campus secondary schools, a maximum of 2 entries per campus in any category will be accepted
  • Additional entries from a school will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified if accepted into the event.

Entry Fees (inc GST)

  • Innovations in Technology – $30 per team
  • Pushcarts – $300 per team
  • Human Powered Vehicles (HPVs) – $530 per team
  • Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEVs) – $530 per team
  • Try-athlon HPVs – $530 per team

All fees include GST

Registration System

To assist in familiarising yourself with the entry system, we will be (again) opening in ‘test-mode’ for the period of 1 week. Test mode will begin on Monday 6th, March and close on Sunday 12th, March.

Test mode allows teams the chance to login, reset passwords, update details and register a test only team (or five).

Acess the Registration System Here >

During this time the RACV Energy Breakthrough team will be available to assist you with any issues you may have. Just contact us