As we rapidly approach November 17, most schools will be beginning to finalise their Display and Presentation component of the RACV Energy Breakthrough. We’ve prepared some handy points that will help gain maximum benefit from this section of the event.

It is important to realise the Display and Presentation (D & P) component is worth 25% of the HPV overall score and for Try-thlon 20%. This means that 1% of D & P is equivalent to more than 10 laps for the leading vehicles and such, should not be treated lightly. Good planning and preparation ahead of the event will help your campaign.

Each school is to present for up to 20 minutes and then the balance of the time is to allow the judges to ask questions.

Schools are reminded to read the handbook for the judging criteria so that the maximum score can be obtained. Each panel of judges will be judging up to 10 teams on the day so innovation in the presentation is encouraged. Teams are reminded that the style of presentation is only worth about 10% of the score and that information and understanding of the team’s campaign is what the judges are looking for.

Songs, Music and Loud Things

There will be up to 16 panels judging at the one time and therefore schools are reminded that no PA systems are allowed. Teams should be considerate of other teams when presenting. “Would you like teams to be presenting like “you are” next to you?” If yes, then continue with your planning. If no, then modify your presentation. Any songs/music should be kept at a volume so as to not interfere/disturb the nearby panels.


Schools can set up in their allocated panel area for up to 30 minutes before their allocated time but are not be allowed to practice in the judging area while other schools are being judged. It is important that teams are at their allocated panel on time. If a team is still in Design and Construction (D & C) then they need to ask to leave and return when their D&P is finished. D&P has a fixed schedule and is not as flexible as D&C.

Experience has shown that video projectors and the use of computers are not very effective in the outdoor judging area.

This is a good opportunity to prove the educational value of the RACV Energy Breakthrough. It is more than the adrenaline rush of the day.

For any questions or concerns regarding Display and Presentation, contact Laurie Preston – Display and Presentation Coordinator: