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Introducing Marshal Training Online (MTO) – the RACV Energy Breakthrough’s new training for marshals.

At the beginning of 2015, the team at the Energy Breakthrough HQ set a goal of improving the training of corner marshals for this years event. This consisted of developing new and updating existing training materials, creating an instructional video and an online test.

The online training materials and information will assist volunteers to understand their roles and responsibilities as marshals and ensure a standard of safety is set across the board.

It is a requirement that ALL corner marshals complete the online training prior to the event.

If volunteer marshals require further assistance or a detailed briefing they can contact Martin Mark (54 610 621).

If you are experiencing difficulties with the MTO system, please email

What is involved:

Marshal Training Online is a 3 part process including:

What we recommend:

If you volunteering with the RACV Energy Breakthrough as part of a service club or community organisation, we recommend watching the video together as a team, discussing the questions and then completing the test individually.

You must get 100% of the questions correct to be eligible to corner marshal for this year’s event. If you don’t get 100% first go, simply review your incorrect answers, rewatch the training video, review the downloadable PDF and restart the quiz. 

To ensure the safety of yourself, other marshals, riders and the general public, you must complete this quiz individually.