Bank Australia

Pictured L-R: Amber Stone (Senior Customer Service Officer – Bank Australia), Julie Wall (Customer Service Officer – Bank Australia) & Martin Mark (Recreation Manager – Central Goldfields Shire)

We’re Bank Australia. We care about the environment too.

Bank Australia is a 100% customer owned, responsible bank and we’re proud to be the official financial partner of the 2015 Maryborough RACV Energy Breakthrough.

We have been pleased to support the Energy Breakthrough for a number of years under our former name bankmecu. We recently rebranded to Bank Australia to reflect the values of the bank and our customers.

Our customers have always looked to us for competitive prices and personal service. But they also look to us to be a genuinely responsible and progressive bank. One with a strong sense of purpose that cares about customers, creates mutual prosperity and plays an important role in building a strong, fair nation and a healthy planet.

Steven Lynch, our Corporate Affairs Manager talks about responsible banking as “managing our business with our people, our planet and prosperity in mind for our customers and the communities we operate in.”

“We believe we have an opportunity to show leadership amongst our peers in relation to our environmental sustainability, which is why we choose to support the Energy Breakthrough initiative.”

Each year Bank Australia invests up to 4 per cent of after tax profits towards a number of initiatives that create measurable environmental, social and economic outcomes.

We manage a conservation project on behalf of our customers called the Bank Australia Conservation Reserve. The private nature reserve in the West Wimmera of Victoria is where we offset some of the impact that our products have on the environment. We believe this is a world first for a bank.

We work with conservationists and community groups in the local area to plant native trees and protect the natural landscape. Through this activity we are able to offer carbon offsets for the cars we finance and biodiversity offsets for newly built homes we finance.

The land is also habitat to a range of endangered species, such as the iconic South-Eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, the Golden Sun Moth, the Striped Legless Lizard and the Growling Grass-frog.

We have also been carbon neutral since 2013 and do not (and will not) invest directly in fossil fuel projects.

BA-Horizontal-Tag-Reg-Pos-RGBBank Australia is a bank all Australians can call their own.

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