open day 2014

The RACV Energy Breakthrough is delighted to announce its newest partnership, a fantastic alliance with La Trobe University as the event’s Official Higher Education Partner.

La Trobe University has a commitment to build the skills and knowledge for their graduates to become future ready in the workplace and wider world. In doing this, their courses are designed to provide students with essential learning in relation to Global Citizenship, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and Sustainability Thinking – all themes that build on the fantastic skills that students develop through active participation in the RACV Energy Breakthrough.

Through Campuses in Melbourne, Bendigo, Albury-Wodonga, Mildura and Shepparton, La Trobe University provides opportunities for regional and metropolitan students to pursue their interests and build successful careers in a huge range of professional occupations.

Many of La Trobe University’s existing students have developed their career passions through involvement with the RACV Energy Breakthrough, and are now undertaking courses in sport-related areas; in health sciences, exercise physiology and physiotherapy; in event and sports management; in engineering; and in journalism, business and marketing to name just a few!

In addition, La Trobe University’s new Aspire early entry program recognises the leadership skills and contribution that students who volunteer and participate in programs like RACV Energy Breakthrough make to their school and wider community. In 2015, La Trobe University’s campuses will welcome these students who have already received their Higher Education study offers, and are already making plans for their future.

La Trobe University staff and students look forward to the RACV Energy Breakthrough weekend, when Maryborough comes alive with the excitement and culmination of so much dedicated effort by school students, staff, organisers and parents.

It is wonderful to share your journey with you.

For more information about La Trobe, visit their website