Classes for the RACV Energy Breakthrough

At 8am on 5 March 2014 (Australian Summer Time) the rush will commence to enter the 2014 RACV Energy Breakthrough. Welcome back to school everyone – we look forward to helping you discover an ‘energy breakthrough’ this year.

Here’s nine things prospective entrants might want to take note of:

1/ The 2014 Entry Fees are:

  • Innovations in Technology – $25 per team
  • Pushcarts – $240 per team
  • Human Powered Vehicles (HPVs) – $400 per team
  • Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEVs) – $400 per team
  • Try-athlon HPVs – $400 per team

 All fees include GST.

Learn more about our classes and categories >

2/ Don’t sleep in.
We’ve moved the opening time one hour earlier (to 8am in 2014 from 9am in 2013) because we know that most teachers are super busy at 9am on a school day. We want to reduce some of the stress of the entry and juggling a class of students. (If your main person is unavailable to submit your entry on the day, well, delegation is a good thing.)

3/ You’ll need an online account with us …
Once again, entries will only be received through our Online Entry System (there’s more information about that on our Entries page).

  • New Team Managers are encouraged to sign-up to our Online Entry System at any time.
  • Existing Team Managers should really sign-in again before March 5 to ensure they remember their username and password.

4/ One username per school
One of the biggest changes to our online system for 2014 is that each school will only be permitted one username, rather than multiple usernames that were offered in the past. This has been changed to reduce complexity and some issues that were cropping up.

5/ The School’s Handbook, including rules and vehicle specifications, will be released before entries open.
A few tweaks to the EEV rules are expected, but no major changes to the HPV, Pushcart or Innovations categories.

6/ We’ve increased the field limits for our most popular categories.
The cap on entries for HPV Primary has increased from 70 to 90 and the HPV Secondary field from 90 to 95. This is in response to sustained strong demand for these categories over the past five years.

7/ We’ve heard the glowing (and a little bit of not so-glowing) feedback.
And we want to sayThanks’ to all the students, teachers and volunteers who love this program so much and make it special. On the other hand, one of our biggest challenges is to efficiently and effectively judge and scrutineer nearly 400 teams in two days. We are developing new systems for 2014 to improve these flows.

8/ Extra programs, including the Holden Mentor Program and the Electric Vehicle Incentive package are expected be offered again in 2014.
Stay tuned for further details on how your school can take advantage of them.

9/ While you’re waiting for entries to open, we suggest you get amongst it on our social hub.