With less than 50 days to go, it’s time to get organised!

Team Managers are now called to count your tent pegs, fuel up your busses and start thinking about where you’d like to ‘pit’ at this year’s RACV Energy Breakthrough.

For our second year in a row this is to be done via our Team Managers Centre.
Please use the same username and password you used to register in this years event.

In submitting your camping details, you’ll need to know:

  • If there are multiple team managers at your school, that you cover ALL of the following information.
  • The time and date you’ll be arriving at the Energy Breakthrough in Maryborough
  • The time and date you’ll be departing the Energy Breakthrough site.
  • How many tents you will be bringing and how big are they (ie. 2 man, 4 man etc)
  • Approximately how many cars and buses you will be bringing.

It is important that this information is correct as a limited number of parking spaces are available!

In submitting your pit details, please note that whilst we try our best to accommodate every schools requests, sometimes this isn’t always possible!

Final deadline to submit your camping and pit requests: Friday, October 18.

Time to get started:


Not sure what you’re doing? Check out this short tutorial: