Well, we made it through Thursday and now it’s on to frantic Friday. People don’t tend to realise, but it’s actually the most busy day of the Energy Breakthrough…

Why so frantic, you ask? Well today:

  • All of the Secondary Human Powered and Energy Efficient Vehicles are scrutineered throughout the day by RACV Officials to ensure they’re safe and ready to race.
  • There’s judging of Design & Construction and Display & Presentation for those teams too.
  • The Try-athlon teams will tackle the ramps and rumble strips on the Obstacle Course and aim to set fast times in their Time Trial Events.
  • The Pushcart teams will go through judging, an obstacle event and an all-new enduro course!
  • At noon, the big moment of the day: Primary School HPV teams will grid up and set off for the first part of their 14 hour endurance trial. (noon to 9pm, restart on Saturday at 6am)
  • Later tonight, the Secondary HPV teams will light up the RACV Track for their night practice session
  • … and we cap it all off with the Energy Efficient Vehicles enjoying a few hours of full noise testing too.

Phew! Meanwhile…

Bendigo’s One Day Build
Of course, don’t forget that Bendigo Senior Secondary College students are aiming to build a vehicle in one day – today!
(Read the full story here)

How much does it weigh?
All of the vehicles judged today will also be weighed today to see how they compare.
(Read the full story here)

Event Essentials:
Should you pack the umbrella or the sunhat?
Check out the latest weather forecast from Elders Weather:

Download the Site Map (PDF) to make sure you know where you’re going

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Here’s today’s schedule of events:


Time Activity Who Where
All Day Teams arrive and set up camp
9am – 5pm Bendigo Senior Secondary College (BSSC):
One Day Build
A team of students set about constructing a Human Powered Vehicle in one day. Read more…
Students from BSSC Expo Area
10 am – 6 pm Energy Expo
Lots of activities and interactive displays for family and friends to enjoy. Learn more…
Open to all Expo Area
8 am – 6 pm Display and Presentation,
Scrutineering, Design & Construction Assessments
HPV Secondary &
Energy Efficient Vehicles
Marquee Area
8 am Registration Innovations in Technology  Administration Centre
8.30 am Compulsory Meeting of Team Manager and Captain Pushcarts Pushcart Marquee
9 am –
4 pm
Obstacle Rally Try-Athlon RACV Track – Front Straight
9 am –
4 pm
Time Trial Try-Athlon RACV Track – Back Straight
9.30 am –
3 pm
Display and Presentation Pushcarts Pushcart Marquee
10 am –
12 noon
Obstacle Course Pushcarts Pushcart Marquee
11 am Team Managers – Briefing HPV Primary Holden Bridge,
Holden Track
11.30 am Assembly of Starting Grid HPV Primary Front Straight,
Holden Track
12 noon HPV Primary Trial Start HPV Primary Holden Track
1 pm –
3 pm
Obstacle Course (Group B) Pushcarts Pushcart Marquee
4 pm – 6.30 pm Endurance Event Pushcarts RACV Track
6 pm Team Managers Meeting HPV Secondary Jubilee Oval Pavilion
6.30 pm Team Managers Meeting Energy Efficient Vehicles & Try-Athlon near Holden Bridge
7 pm –
9 pm
Night Practice HPV Secondary RACV Track
9 pm –
Compulsory HPV Primary Break HPV Primary Holden Track
9.30 pm – 11 pm Night Practice Energy Efficient Vehicles & Try-Athlon Holden Track

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