Maryborough participant - Cal - is stoked

With nearly 80 schools entering by 3pm, we’ve been really happy with how the new Online Entry System has handling the flurry of entries yesterday.

The first school through the gates was Kennington Primary School (Bendigo), whose Team Manager Jason Hague was obviously very, very keen to make sure their one HPV A team got on the list!

The honour of the most entries (so far) goes to the combined St Margaret’s / Berwick Grammar Schools, where Terry Trevena and the gang have somehow managed to attract enough students to fill a whopping nine (yes, 9) entries spread across the various classes!

Thanks to all of the Team Managers…

… who ‘learnt the ropes’ today and managed to Register, Log-in and Submit their entries. We appreciate that it was quite different to the traditional ‘Download, Print and Post‘ method of previous years, so thanks for your patience and understanding.

We had a small number of calls from Team Managers having ‘technical difficulties’, although as luck would have it those ‘difficulties’ seemed to disappear when we asked them to try again whilst we listened on the line.
Amazing how problems seem to go away when someone is watching or listening.

Updated BSB Number

Teams entering first thing yesterday morning were been provided with the incorrect BSB number on their invoices.

The correct BSB number for our account is: 803-140

All affected Team Managers have been notified by email, but please ensure you have the correct details before making your electronic funds transfers. Please note that those paying by cheque were not affected.