“The requests have been coming thick and fast (and I’ve even been receiving anonymous tips!)
So I’ve tried to cast my eye over the entry list and chosen some contenders and pretenders for this year’s RACV Energy Breakthrough.”

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Secondary Human Powered Vehicles:

HPV Secondary – Open / Overall

The Defending Champs

  Bendigo Senior SC : Just Razzin’
2010 Result: 1st [ 696 laps – Squirrell ]
Prediction: 1st

It’s hard to see anyone capable of catching this dedicated and determined crew from Bendigo. They’re the distance (696 laps – 934 kms) and fastest lap record holders (1 min 41.1 seconds) around the RACV Track .Throughout this year they’ve been keeping pace with the Community teams at Wonthaggi, two six hours in Adelaide and then Murray Bridge in September.
BUT … they did smash their left front wheel assembly in ‘Bridge and lost hours, not minutes, fixing it.
So perhaps there is a chink in that carbon fibre armour after all?They’re fired up, fit and (most importantly) they’re fast and if you follow the riders one is looking for four wins in a row. (Bendigo South East x 2, Bendigo Senior x 1)

The Challengers

  Highview : Dennis
2010: 2nd on track / 1st in overall in Open Class [Magical Indigo Love Fox]
Prediction: 2nd

My secret sources tell me they have “their best vehicle in years”, but that their riders lack trike racing experience.
Given that they train on the course throughout the year, the impact of that may be reduced.
Former student, Aaron Stewart, of Aurora Racing has been giving technical direction to the crew as well.
  Padua College : Sneaky Butcher
2010 Result: n/a
Prediction: 3rd
They missed out on running an Open team last year and their team is a mix of year 10’s and 11’s, but they are always hungry. If they can pull together consistency across their riders, they should be in the mix for a podium finish.
  Woodleigh College : Electric Feel
2010 Result: 3rd
2011 Prediction: 4th
The strong wave of rider / builders that made Woodleigh into such a strong force have passed through and these guys are rebuilding. Expect their B2 team, “Helter Delta” to be hunting a class win instead.
  Kingswood College : EVO
2010 Result: 6th on track, 5th in class
Prediction: 5th
A further (and reportedly final) evolution of the ‘Evo’ design, Team Manager Andrew R tells me that they’ve eeked out a lot more speed out of the vehicle and have a fit crew.
Deserving of a good result.

The Outsiders

Bendigo South East SC : Just ‘Wing it’
2010 Result: 5th
2011 Prediction: 6th

New staff, similar slippery shapes and strong kids, but I don’t expect they’ll be challenging for overall line honours this year.
St Margaret’s & Berwick Grammar School : Zeus
2010 Result: n/a
2011 Prediction: 7th
They’re heading into some unknown territory with a young team (mostly year 9 and 10 lads) but they will be well drilled by Terry and the team.
Could be a suprise packet and finish much higher than this.

Missing in Action

  Berwick SC
2010 Result: 7th
For the first time since we can remember, Berwick Seondary College won’t be lining up on the grid at the Energy Breakthrough.
Since winning back-to-back in 2003 and 2004*, they’ve sadly slid down the leaderboard. This once powerhouse school and their ‘Fire___’ teams will be missed.

(* = 2004 win was due to a lap penalty to the team that crossed the line first.)
St Mary’s College, QLD
2009: 4th Overall [Fast Forward]
Aside from Unity (Murray Bridge, SA), Willyama (Broken Hill, NSW) and Marist Sisters College (Woolwich, NSW), we have fewer interstate and no international teams lining up this year.
Sadly St Mary’s – those yellow racy Queenslands who finished 4th last year – aren’t coming south this year.
Rosny college (Tassie) pulled out last week, but we welcome a small first time team from Scotch Oakburn from the Apple Isle.

HPV B1 (Year 7 & 8 mixed teams)

Defending Champs: Maryborough Education Centre
2010: 1st in Class [576 laps – Vortex]
(2nd & 3rd) St Margarets School & Berwick Grammar &
(4th) Catholic College Bendigo
There’s many teams here who could take out this class and it’s a great class to introduce new young students to the EB. Could Maryborough Ed Centre go back-to-back?
Or will someone come from left field?

HPV B2 (Year 9 & 10 mixed teams)

Defending Champs: Crusoe College
2010: 1st in Class [611 laps – Uno]
Creek St Christian College (2nd on track, 4th in class overall)
Weeroona College (3rd on track, 3rd in class overall)
Victory Christian College (4th on track)
Maryborough Ed Centre (6th on track, 2nd in class overall)

I’d expect Woodleigh to take it to all of these teams this year, but it would be great to see Creek St or Victory grab their first class win.
I’d anticipate Crusoe will be strong again. #justguessing!

C Class (Mixed Year 11 and 12 teams)

Defending Champs: EDEC
2010: 1st in Class [627 laps – Zavanz]
EDEC won this class comfortably by 12 laps last year, and money is with them to go back-to-back (and I don’t have much money, so take that with a grain of salt). They have however, been recently set back by illness to one of their top riders. Bendigo Senior is a tidier C-Class outfit this year and should take it up to them, whilst St Margaret’s & Berwick Grammar can never be counted out of any class. They have a number of new vehicles taking to the track and could really perform well.

HPV All-Female – The Ladies

Defending Champs: St Margarets School & Berwick Grammar
2010: 1st in Class [572 laps – Cassiopeia]
Expect St Margarets School & Berwick Grammar to lead the charge here again, seeking another distance record (again).
Their program generates such momentum throughout the year that it’s difficult to halt their progress and enthusiasm come November!
Highview and Maryborough Ed Centre were second and third respectively here last year and we should expect a similar three-way-dual for the class win again.
Newer arrivals Warracknabeal are crowd favourites and have split their teams between Open and All-Female this year.

Energy Efficient Vehicles (formerly known as Hybrids)

  With all the new rules we can almost chuck out the form guide!Changes include the use of E85 fuel, mandatory refueling, mid-race safety checks, mains recharging of batteries and the introduction of All-Petrol and All-Electric classes. Gosh, who knows who’s going to win??

The word on Facebook suggests that Toorak and Trinity will be strong in the B/C Class.

Maryborough Education Centre will be racing Bacchus Marsh Comm. College (Rode Rage) for Open line honours and Cobden dominated Section 2 last year finishing in a 1-2-3.But, as I said: all new rules – so, perhaps all new results??

Try-athlon Event

Defending Champs:
Primary: St Margaret’s & Berwick Grammar
Open: Mary McKillop Catholic College

Over 50 teams will take to the Try-athlon event who compete in the:

  • Obstacle Course
  • Time Trial, and
  • 8 Hour Endurance.

PLUS they still complete the Display & Presentation and Design & Construction elements, making them the most widely assessed category at the event.

There’s two ‘special surprises’ in store on the Obstacle Course on Friday on the RACV Track, so stop by and see the thrills and spills.

Far to unpredictable to even nominate anyone who might be going for the win (apart from perhaps EDEC & St Margarets)…. so I won’t!