Mark McLean from Damascus College, joined Simon Mikedis from the RACV and Nigel Preston from the Energy Breakthrough committee last Friday to help spread the word about the Energy Breakthrough as a way to give young people hands on learning about sustainability and the environment.

Mark brought with him two of his College’s impressive hybrid powered vehicles with him – “Adimov Dreaming” and “Illumintor” – which caught people’s attention and drew questions throughout the day.

The event, titled the Regional Toolbox for Environmental Change, was hosted by Greening Australia who are doing some great work on large and small scales in communities across the country.

The venue – Narmbool – is a sustainable farm, conference venue and accommodation suited for school groups. It’s now owned and operated by Sovereign Hill and provided a great backdrop for conference delegates to become inspired about using a range of tools and techniques to connect with students.

Keynote speakers included Peter Gell and Steve Carey from the University of Ballarat who spoke on research they had done into local fossil finds and the long term climate changes of the Ballarat and mid-West Victorian areas.

A another hit was comedian Rod Quantock, who had the room in stitches with his jabs about science, economics, the politics and the apathy surrounding climate change.

“It was great to see the interest the two vehicles we had there brought to the RACV Energy Breakthrough.” Nigel Preston explained. “We really wanted to highlight how well the Energy Breakthrough program can be implemented into a wide range of curriculum areas – including sustainability – and bring learning to life. We also wanted to encourage teachers at schools who are currently not involved in the Energy Breakthrough to give it a try.”

Above: The RACV Energy Breakthrough display at Greening Australia’s Regional Toolbox for Environmental Change.

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