The 2007 Energy Breakthrough got off to a flying start with an energised, yet relaxed atmosphere across the site.

Teams from as far afield as Nanango in Queensland & Rosny College in Tasmania have made the exciting trek to Maryborough.

With all the Display & Presentations completed we’re into the dynamic racing phase.

A restructured Try-Athlon Time Trial and Obstacle event was a highlight on fantastic Friday, the Pushcart teams were as bouncy and buzzing as always and the HPV A trial got off to a sweet start.

Many teams were forced to make modifications to their side-intrusion bars or framework to comply with scrutineering standards, but the general vide was: tough, fair & consistent from the teams.

The pace in the HPV Secondary practice session was simply amazing – the lap record was beaten an amazing 4 TIMES in just over 2 hours. This is unprecedented pace. The fastest of all – Cal Ridge from Bendigo Senior SC in Qui Patitur Vincit – in 1 min 41.36 seconds. That’s a whopping 4 seconds quicker than the lap record set last year.

Of course, a Lap Record can only be set in race conditions. Can the defending champs reproduce the pace?

As I write late on Friday night, every one is getting a good night’s rest and preparing for the whirlwind that is Saturday & Sunday at the RACV Energy Breakthrough.

– Nigel Preston, Online Manager