Mobile phone towers have been maxed out & unable to connect calls and a scorching hot sun covering participants, team managers, supporters, volunteers and officials alike.

The winner is learning and the environment – as teams busily scurry across the now massive Energy Breakthrough site completing judging, scrutineering and track events.

The Energy BreakFEST is in full swing with a wide range of exhibitions from Electric Vehicles to the Casey-Cardinia ‘Serious Adults HPV’ group. Registration has gone off without a hitch and the Maryborough swimming pool is chocked full of people cooling off in the best way possible considering the water restrictions. See earlier news

The HPV A teams have cleared scrutineering, enjoyed Design & Construction and sung their hearts out in Display & Presentation. Now, the racing. Results will be available very soon, check here.

HPV B, C & Open teams have also sqeaked through scrutineering, Design & Construction and Display & Presentation and completed their first track session on Friday night. The first practice session always brings out a few surprises and despite a short ambulance stoppage for someone requiring a dialysis machine, the session was smooth sailing.

They are likely to be on course as you read this, from 1:30 on Saturday – 1:30 Sunday.

The hybrids are similarly primed – have completed the judging and scrutineering, they’ll be taking on the Holden track alongside the participants in the Powercor Try-athlon.

The Powercor Try-athlon? What’s that? you ask… we’ll with the Energy Breakthrough ever expanding, the Planning Committee decided in recent years that a new category needed to be formed to allow for this expansion. The Try-athlon consists of 3 events – a time trial, an obstacle course and an 8 hr endurance event. Learn more about the Try-athlon

Ah… the Pushcarts – such excitement & activity with sprints, endurance and obstacle events. It’s a massive undertaking to draw together over 70 teams from across Victoria in this action packed event. So many smiles, unusual offerings (one cart was made using medical crutches, others using iron boards and snow skis!) and fun times!

The pushcarts are managed and presented by the Country Education Project.


Contact the Planning Committee at the RACV Energy Breakthrough

Download the Precinct Map

Map of where Breakthrough teams have come from in 2006