Berwick Secondary College’s “Team of The Decade” was unveiled on Sunday night in front of almost 100 people as the school looked back on their first 10 years of HPVs.

From humble beginnings back in 1997 to the ‘glory days’ around 2002-04, Fergus, Terry, Andrew reflected on the evolution of the BSC HPV program.

Guest speaker, Nigel Preston, who raced against Berwick at Bendigo Senior and with Bendigo Youth Racing reflected on the school from an outsider’s perspective.

“I tried to encapsulate the 5 key things that stood out to me when I thought of Berwick’s HPV program,” Nigel said…

…and here they are:

1/ Incredibly fit riders and incredibly strong vehicles

2/ Exceptional rider handling

3/ The “F” word

(Firetruck, Firestorm, Firebird, Firepower, Spitfire, Crossfire…etc!)

4/ Reliability

(Their vehicles rarely looked like breaking down)

5/ Numbers

(The numbers of people & Teams they bring to races shows the spirit and support)

The crowd enjoyed a two course meal and an extensive array of memorabilia including photos, videos and stories spanning the school’s full 10 years.

The Team of the Decade (below left) was unveiled at the end of the evening by Terry Trevena (formerly of BSC, now at St Margarets). Terry described them warmly as “the eight guys he’d like to go into battle with”. After a brief overview of the 23 shortlisted members, it was always going to be a good squad. They were selected from a total of 188 candidates and all highly deserved their place in the Team.

The Team of Decade: Gareth Hanks, Joel Duggan, Daniel Duggan, Duncan Wood, Jean Beriaux, Andrew Lardner, Will Liversay and Dan Noy.