Parade College flies flag for Victoria at the Holden Maryborough Technology Challenge in QLD – the first inter-state team to compete in the 24-hour human-powered vehicle race.

The event’s website have named the team this year’s ‘dark horse’ and with Team Manager, Neil Papageorgiou, excited about the event. The real team name is ‘Big Papa’ a tribute to the effort put in by Neil during Parade’s 12 years of Human Powered Vehicles.

RACV EB Online spoke with Neil recently about the trip and he explained that it has actually been 2 years in the planning: “We’ve been talking to John Stafford for a while about the idea and we’re proud to be the first Victorian school at the event.”

Parade's College's QLD Challenger

How did they convince the Principal?

A key organiser from the Queensland event was actually instrumental in Parade College heading north. En-route to the 2007 RACV Energy Breakthrough, Leo from Queensland stepped off the plane and met with the Parade College Principal. By the time Leo reached the ‘Breakthrough, the team already had support from the top!

Parade are taking 10 students and four teachers, many of whom were part of the team who finished seventh in the 2006 RACV Energy Breakthrough.

ÒI wouldnÕt have a clue how we will go against the vehicles in Queensland,Ó Neil has said to,

ÒOur objective is to get there, compete and enjoy ourselves. Whatever the result is, will be. We want to have fun, meet lots of people and enjoy the event.Ó

The Energy Breakthrough community wishes them well.


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