Online Manager, Nigel Preston, is looking for YOUR help with this website: “I manage the RACV Energy Breakthrough website out of hours as a volunteer.” the amateur web worker said. “I would like to hear how schools are travelling, whether they work on their Energy Breakthrough projects in class or outside, how many people are involved, that sort of thing.”

Nigel is now searching for content, and if you’re reading this – you might just be able to help: “It’s a bit of a lonely task and I’d love to profile some more teams and schools.” Nigel says,

“I know the site is not perfect, but I try to provide a good service for students, teachers, sponsors and others interested in the ‘Breakthrough. I think it could be much better with some stories from YOU the participants!”

If you’ve got a story to tell about your Energy Breakthrough campaign, contact Nigel on 0412 692 468

or email: Nigel[at]

Pieces need a photo too, but don’t have to be long (200-400 words) and

He began attending the Breakthrough in 1995 as a spectator and it wasn’t long before the ‘Breakthrough Bug’ had Nigel hooked and passionate about the event. Nigel has been involved in Planning Committee since 2002 and was a participant in the event from 1998 – 2001.

Nigel completed his Bachelor of Arts Public Relations degree in 2004, worked at a bike shop in Bendigo & Fitzroy and as a marketing associate in 2005-06. He now works for the Victorian State Government’s youth web initiative: ‘youthcentral

During the Energy Breakthrough weekend, you’ll find him on the RACV Stage calling the on track action.