Golden Square Secondary College’s RACV Energy Breakthrough team in Bendigo has been burning the midnight oil with a 9 hour night race at their school. The night event is a bit of a college tradition and is considered an important part of the team’s preparation.

A track runs around the college buildings and on one recent Friday night, 15 students rolled up for a chilly night of action.

After sharing a meal, the group rode their partly finished vehicles accompanied by other students on road bikes. Except for breaks to do running repairs – or to enjoy a snack or drink – the students took turns riding from about 8pm till about 5 am.

Energy Breakthrough co-ordinator Gwenda Pratt, spoke highly of the session: “Everybody enjoyed the evening and hopefully it gave the students who have not ridden throughout the night what it will be like at Maryborough.”

We look forward to seeing the results in Maryborough. Golden Square has entered a HPV B entitled “Jack Knife” and a HPV Open team called “Stealth” for the 2006 RACV Energy Breakthrough.

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