The second RACT Insurance Challenge (formally known as the Salamanca 6-hour) has been hailed a tremendous event, as once again the Tassie skies opened up just after the track had been set-up!

Seventeen teams lined up with a few mainland teams not quite being able to get it all together at the last moment.

St PaulÕs College in Warragul in Victoria sent ÒTeam JaffaÓ with 20 students down to the event and had great fun on the slippery track and enjoyed the comfort of the Ôdry insideÕ of the Princes Wharf shed.

The tight and twisty circuit is just 800 metres in length and makes for exciting and close racing Ð even with a small field. The 6 hour ÔChallengeÕ saw many crashes and rollovers Ð but thankfully no serious injuries. ÒOne vehicle, Mad Max, wouldnÕt have a show of getting on the track at Maryborough. We may even fly to Adelaide and assist with scrutineering for some of the six hour races.Ó Event Organiser, Gary Adderton said. ÒHopefully, weÕd get some ideas on making our event even better.Ó

A few 'on-the-fly' adjustments to vehicle number 6  from Rosny VET RECWith events tripling from the first event, organisers forecast a field of 30 to 40 teams for 2007. Road closures are already being planned with the Police eager to see the event expand to its full potential. There were many teachers and spectators from the mainland at the event dreaming up teams for 2007. These included an excited engineering lecturer from Sydney saw the event as a viable economic alternative to the Solar Challenge.

Next yearÕs event may also include a primary division for grade 5 and 6. ÒTassie has a small population and we feel that the five divisions will make for some interesting racing and help to build entrant numbers at a much faster rate.Ó Gary said. ÒWe also like the idea of university students being able to continue their involvement after secondary college.Ó

ÒThe RACT came on board after they saw the amazing role the RACV plays in the Energy Breakthrough.Ó Gary said, ÒThey have been extremely supportive and there is a possibility that their funding will increase with the scale of the event.Ó

The Celebrity Race is also quickly becoming a permanent fixture on the RACT Insurance Challenge schedule. The 15 minute dash preceded the main event and featured the Minister for Education David Bartlett, Newsreader Penny Tame from WinTV and Rob Valentine Lord Mayor of Hobart among others.

Rosny College's red rocket performed well in the wet and completed 210 lapsGary also said The Mercury newspaper and TV news have been extremely supportive, with the paper already on the phone about Rosny CollegeÕs 2006 Energy Breakthrough campaign. ÒWe already have two teams entered for the fourth conservative year. WeÕre so lucky itÕs on the last weekend of exams here.Ó

One thing for sure, the organising team have definitely earned a rest – ÒGee, IÕm glad thatÕs over! We are exhausted!Ó Gary said, ÒNext year we will use more people to look after the twenty or thirty different major tasks that are needed for the event to be successful.Ó

Division winners:

Secondary Ð Sacred Heart College completed 200 laps of the 800 metre circuit (160kms)

Senior Secondary Ð Rosny College ÒBitzÓ 210 laps (168kms)

Open Secondary Ð Rosny College ÒGreenspeedÓ 175 laps (140kms)

Community Ð Bike TAS 220 laps (176kms)

Overall line honours from the RACT Insurance Challenge