A year in the life of St. Therese’s Eco Racing Team is strenuous and a learning experience for all involved. So how are the team who last year finished third overall in the HPV A category preparing for the 2005 RACV Energy Breakthrough?

Team Member, Braden Pollard gives www.racvenergybreakthrough.net an insight:

The RACV Energy Breakthrough has become a big part of life for the senior students at St. Therese’s since they first entered in 2003.

“Each year we take 24 students over to Maryborough (8 riders plus 4 pit crew for each vehicle) but almost 90 children turned up to our first meeting back in March showing interest in being part of this year’s event.” Braden Pollard from the Eco Racing Team said.

At the intial meeting, co-ordinator John O’Connor set down the basic guidelines, rules and training criteria for selection into the team. All children have had to keep a daily training journal that was checked fortnightly throughout the year.

Some people lost motivation along the way and others were putting in minimal effort and this reduced the numbers down to 56.

In an attempt to reduce numbers even further, the criteria was cranked up from the start of term 3 with team members required to:

  • Attend weekly lunchtime meetings;
  • Attend the twice weekly fitness sessions at either recess or lunch;
  • Available for Sunday afternoon training sessions;
  • Show exemplary attitude, behaviour, effort and team skills; and
  • Demonstrate an ability to safely and competently drive the vehicle.

Training sessions have involved running, cooperative games, Tae Bo (Kick boxing aerobics), team skills, lessons on gear ratios, leg strengthening and flexibility.

St Therese's 2004 'Eco Racer'

“Only four riders from 2004 are still at the school and they will be pushed all the way to make the final team.” Braden said, “Our vehicles are looking great, everyone is very enthusiastic and excited and we can’t wait to get to Maryborough.”

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