The world’s fastest HPV’s will be going through their paces this week in the 6th running of this prestigious event. This competition pits man, technology, and sheer determination against the seemingly insurmountable forces of air resistance and friction to determine the absolute boundaries of man powered speed over a 200-meter distance. The use of high-level aerodynamics and maximum athletic power results in shockingly fast speeds. Take a look at this video of the WHPSC 2004 event on the Easy Racers site for an idea just how fast these bikes are going.

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Current WHPSC Records:

In 2002, Sam Whittingham broke the world speed record for the third year in a row by going 81.00 MPH! (128.8 km/h)

In 2004, Ellen van Vugt set a new Women’s world speed record, with a speed of 65.89 miles per hr. (106 km/h)

In 2003, Damjan Zabovnik broke the European speed record by going 68.21 miles per hr (109.8 km/h) facing backwards!