Adventure – Innovation – Achievement

The World Solar Challenge promotes and celebrates education and technical excellence, drawing attention to the imperatives of sustainable transport.

Times and Speeds

The participants travelled from Darwin to Adelaide in record breaking time.

Nuna III

102.75 km/h average



92.03 km/h average



90.03 km/h average


Sky Ace Tiga

88.84 km/h average


Formosun 3

83.24 km/h average



74.95 km/h average


Apollo 5

74.49 km/h average



72.99 km/h average


The event is split into 4 classes:

  • Solar Challenge Vehicles:

    Those sleek, flat vehicles powered only by the sun.

  • Greenfleet Class

    A practical test of new and emerging technology The Greenfleet Class of the World Solar Challenge offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities that fuel-efficient technology and low carbon fuels can deliver today. Vehicles in this class include practical road-going hybrids, such as the Holden Astra (running on Diesel), Honda’s hybrid-powered Civic and Peugeot’s diesel 307 HDi.

  • Beyond Solar Cars Ð commuting without polluting

    Providing a forum for small electric vehicles to test range and reliability over several stages, including a night stage.

  • New Opportunities for Innovation

    A category with liberal regulations designed to promote new thoughts, products, vehicles and solutions to the problem of sustainable transport.

These principles, of course, are shared by the RACV Energy Breakthrough and Victoria’s Aurora Vehicle Association is currently performing very well in the Open Category of the race between Darwin and Adelaide.

‘Aurora’ Team manager, Dave Fewchuk, will again be at the 2005 RACV Energy Breakthrough with their vehicle and we wish him all the best for in the World Solar Challenge.

For more details, go to or visit the Aurora website at: