Success at the Energy Breakthrough should be etched in stone forever – or well, at least online for all to see!

The event archives have been collected for every year since the events inception in 1991 – creating an extensive honour board for HPV A, B, C and Open categories, Hybrids, Pushcarts, Innovations in Technology and Try-athalon.

The importance of success across the Design & Construction, Display & Presentation and Trial aspects of the event is highlighted by the number of times the winner on the track fails to win the category overall. See the Results, for more details.

Timing details date back to 1995 are also now linked to our site courtesy of RaceTime Computing.

Steve Rowe and the team at RaceTime have also provided an interesting comparison chart between the leading team at the RACV Energy Breakthrough, Wonthaggi Pedal Prix, Australian International Pedal Prix, Maryborough Technology Challenge in Queensland and the Maroondah 6-hour. See how the Breakthrough stacks up against Australia’s HPV events.

Download the Comparison Sheet