After a 2 year break, we decided it was time to add to the excitement of the Energy Breakthrough and test our participants in a whole new way.

In a pilot program consisting of just four schools, we asked participants to work together to code and navigate a Sphero Bolt Robot to perform a series of complex tasks in a set of three challenges.

Our schools certainly rose to the challenge, testing their minds, and blowing ours in the process.

The challenge started not in Maryborough, but back at school, with each of our four teams asked to navigate their Sphero Robots through a complex obstacle in an effort to gain up to 10 points.

Our teams were then welcomed to Maryborough this Breakthrough weekend, and on Friday, undertook challenge two and three in front of an amazed set of judges.

Challenge two saw our teams entertain the judges with a 2-3 minute dance routine – their robots coded with music, lights, funky moves and a story to tell. Up to 10 points were awarded for coordination with the music, coordination between the two robots, use of light sequences coordinated to the music and the story told by the dance. 


The final challenge, and perhaps the most difficult for our teams, required some on the spot thinking, team-work and a whole lot of problem solving. Participants were allowed 5 minutes to inspect a complicated labyrinth, followed by just 1 hour to code their robots to navigate the complicated maze. With just 2 attempts allowed, and no outside help to be given, teams had quite the test ahead of them. 

But our teams were up the challenge, and each task was navigated with excellent team spirit, skill, impressive coding knowledge and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

We asked our resident Robotics guru, judge and event organiser Rob Higgins what he had to say about the first year of this event, and he had nothing but praise for our four schools!

“They were so enthusiastic! The team work and on the spot thinking was just incredible to see. Things didn’t necessarily work out the first time around, especially in the final challenge, so the kids had to change their code, troubleshoot on the ground and quickly adapt, which they did! No one gave up, and it was great to see such a diverse range of kids having a go.”

Congratulations to our Primary School category winners, Carisbrook Primary School Spiders and our Secondary School category Winners, Victory Christian College!

A spectacular effort from our teams at our 4 robotics schools; Carisbrook Primary School, Avoca Primary School, Victory Christian College and Maryborough Education Centre.