Welcome to a school term that is looking a little differently than 2019.

Typically, the start of term 4 marks the beginning of the Energy Breakthrough madness for both educators and Energy Breakthrough staff.

Whilst this year has been disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Energy Breakthrough offers schools a chance to reinforce their educational aspect of the Energy Breakthrough by completing their Display and Presentation Video virtually (vD&P). This is a one-off exciting opportunity for 2020 and allows students to focus on the technical skills they have used during the pandemic, and put together a Display and Presentation video, to be marked by our judges, in a non-traditional Energy Breakthgou style!

Interested schools should complete a video of a maximum length of 15 minutes, consisting of a 10-minute presentation by students and up to 5 minutes of impromptu questions.

The impromptu questions will be supplied by the Education Planning Group but asked by the teacher. The questions will be sent to the teacher via email once an expression of interest from the school has been received.

Panels of judges will review all videos. Teams will be given a score and provided with feedback on all elements of their Display & Presentation, which they will then be able to use to support them in 2021.

After judging, the top three videos will be shared on the website.

Judging Criteria:

Display and Presentation Criteria

 Presentation style

  1. Introduction and outline
  2. Talking without notes or reciting
  3. Audibility and clearness of speaking
  4. Sharing of roles in the presentation

Knowledge and understanding

  1. Aims and values of the Energy Breakthrough
  2. Preparation with nutrition and health
  3. Environmental issues
  4. Technical aspects of vehicle development including
    1. understanding of the vehicle design
    2. improvements/innovations of the design on previous vehicles
    3. students’ involvement in the construction of the vehicle

Visual Display and Effective Use

  1. Range and arrangement of display
  2. Effective use of diagrams, models, photos, text, and drawings.


All entries to be uploaded by the 13th of November.

School to receive feedback about their presentation by the 4th of December.