Innovations in Technology – Shaping The Way Kids Learn

Innovations in Technology – Shaping The Way Kids Learn

The Energy Breakthrough is extremely well known for “human and energy efficient vehicles that race around a track.” But not many people are not as well educated when it comes to the Central Highlands Innovations in Technology.

So …what are the Innovations in Technology Sections?

In keeping with the theme of our Major Sponsor for this part of the Energy Breakthrough, Central Highlands Water, the theme for this year’s Innovation in Technology was “Working with Water“.

And with that in mind, comes our two challenges.

Challenge 1 – Crafty Design

Is open to both Primary and Secondary students and encourages students to design and create a vessel resembles an invertebrate (which are a group of animals that have no backbone, think reptiles, birds, fish or amphibians) that runs on its own power along a 9.4 metre channel of water whilst transporting a full can of soft drink.

Additional points are also awarded for the “Best Looking Invertebrate”

The vessel can be created out of a range of materials from LEGO to LASY, recycled materials and even TEKO. And students must ensure that the dimensions of the vessel are under 81.5cm in length and width.

And to encourage greater innovation, the vessels fuel source must be an alternative to fossil fuel (for example wind power) and not consist of dry cell batteries or capacitors.

Performance & Time Trial

All of the Crafty Design entrants are asked to demonstrate their vessel in operation and take part in a Performance Test.

They are judged on:

  • How to demonstrates advancement in technology
  • How reliable, efficient and sustainable it is
  • Extra points are awarded when the vessel completes the tasks with no assistance from the team

Challenge 2 – Junkyard Challenge

Consists of two sections – Primary (Years 4, 5 & 6) and Secondary (Years 7 – 10).

The Primary Section of the Junkyard Challenge sees teams of 4 students provided with a range of pre-loved materials in which they are asked to create an innovative structure (Crafty Crane) that has the ability to move a 4kg weight a distance of 1 metre horizontally from its starting position.

Students have 90 minutes to build their crane out of the materials and tools provided to them at the start of the challenge.

How Judging Works

Our team of Judges are looking for a structure that completes the task, effectively and elegantly. With a special award handed out to the team that is heard consistently sharing ideas and working together to overcome and solve any issues that arise during the creation of their structure.

Getting Involved in 2019

In addition to all the other events happening at the Energy Breakthrough, we find that many students who are not a part of or are too young to participate in our track events thoroughly enjoy taking part in our Innovations in Technology events. We urge all schools wishing to participate in the 2019 Energy Breakthrough to take a look into the innovations side of things and look at entering a team in 2019.

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