A Thief in The Night

The night is always darkest before the dawn and Caledonian Primary School’s metaphorical night certainly seemed black when their HPV vehicles were reported stolen earlier this month. With just days until the 2018 Energy Breakthrough, brazen thieves broke into the school and stole two HPV carts in a senseless act.

But the staff and students’ commendable attitude meant they were not going to let this set-back interrupt their 2018 Energy Breakthrough campaign.

The missing vehicles inconvenienced the school’s training sessions which could have potentially derailed the school’s HPV team, Pelican Attack from taking flight.

The True Spirit of The Energy Breakthrough Shines Through

However when news broke of Caledonian PS’ stolen HPVs, and after being in contact with Energy Breakthrough organisers, the HPV community united in a touching and heart-warming way.

Staff and students were blown away by the overwhelming response from fellow schools and HPV racers who offered materials and even their own HPVs.

In the end, the team from Peninsula Human Power, through TriSled, donated the school a HPV they could use during the event. 

In The Student’s Own Words…..

So what do the students think of their new HPV? Their response is simple…….“it’s wicked,” they say.

Team Manager, Prue Morrison also has high praise for the donated HPV.

“It’s fast and it is similar to the other cart we had which is handy,” she says.

With Caledonian PS attending the Energy Breakthrough the past 11 years, Prue says she’s pleased the school’s November tradition can continue.

“We’re very thankful to have the chance to come here again,” she says.

“It’s something we’ve always been part of and will probably continue to be part of.”

We Are Glad You Are Here – With Thanks to Peninsula Human Power & TriSled

It’s great you made it to Energy Breakthrough, Caledonian PS, and a big thank you to Peninsula Human Power and the team at TriSeld for their generosity. Don’t forget you can follow Caledonian Primary School through their Energy Breakthrough by checking out our Live Results here.

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