Each and every year the Energy Breakthrough grows in popularity with schools wanting to participate.  And the 2018 event is no different, with a selection of schools making their EB debut this weekend including Mount Pleasant Primary School.

Louise’s‘ Love of the Breakthrough

Among the hundreds of schools making the journey to Maryborough, is the first-timers from Mount Pleasant Primary School which comes with a strong Maryborough and Energy Breakthrough connection through team manager, Louise Marr.

Back when Louise was a student, she attended Maryborough Education Centre and is a past competitor of the Energy Breakthrough.

“I decided that the kids needed to be part of the Energy Breakthrough to learn great skills and it’s a great educational tool too,” Louise said.

Of course, a large part of the Energy Breakthrough is the famous time-trial, but the students have shown a keen interest in learning about sustainable energy and learning new ways on how they can be more environmentally friendly.

And How are The Students Feeling … ?

With this year being the students’ first Energy Breakthrough, you could forgive them for being a little overwhelmed but prior to Friday’s big race, they were more than ready to get strapped in and take to the track. 

And so they should be. The students from team ‘Optimus Prime’ have not taken their first Energy Breakthrough lightly, going through intensive training sessions at least three times a week throughout the majority of the year as well as having a large focus on their display and presentation.

Describing the 2018 Energy Breakthrough as “fun and exciting”, the students are already making plans to return next year!

Keep an Eye Out for This Team

Best of luck and fingers crossed for a great result for Mount Pleasant Primary we hope to see you again next year! You can see how they are placing by checking in with the Live Track Results.