Thursday of the 2018 Energy Breakthrough was full of excitement, anticipation and … WET WEATHER!

In true Energy Breakthrough style, we watched as our Pushcarts, HPV (Primary) and TRYathlon teams took part in their Scrutineering, Display & Presentation and Design & Construction assessments. These three assessments play a vital part in a team’s overall score – making up a huge 25%. They also play in important role to each student’s understanding in the lead up the event. It also provides them with the opportunity to discuss their learning and knowledge to our judging panels.

If you want to read more about our assessment process you can take a look here.

Practice Session Results

Get ’em while they’re hot: Practice Session Results from the Human Powered Vehicle Primary.

Download ’em here >

Looking to Friday

Friday is by far the busiest day of our event schedule. Let’s take a brief look at what’s happening around the track:

  • HPV Class B, C, Open & EEV will undergo their assessments in Scrutineering, Display & Presentation and Design & Construction during the course of the day. This is then followed by a night practice on Track 1 starting at 7.30pm.
  • Pushcart teams start the day off with the Endurance Event down on the VicRoads Track, followed by Display & Presentation and finish off the day with the Obstacle Course.
  • TRYathlon teams begin the day with Time Trials on the back straight at Track 1, Obstacle Rally and the Night Practice down at the VicRoads Track from 9pm.
  • The Energy Expo kicks off from 10am and is an interactive and educational space that explores all the latest trends in green energy, sustainable transport and physical activity

Social Media Competition

Keep an eye out for our Photo-a-Day Competition that we will announce tomorrow.

How to Enter: Simply watch for the Theme each day, snap your pics and post them on our thread on our social media channels. Winners will be announced daily and receive a $50 iTunes Gift Card!

For Trackside Updates

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