Welcome to the beginning of the 2018 RACV Energy Breakthrough period, with entries opening in less than 13 days, it’s time to listen up!

As the RACV Energy Breakthrough continues to grow, we are expecting the 2018 event to be bigger and better than ever in schools, entries, participants, learning and excitement.

Whilst 2017 saw some major changes to the rules and regulations, including Energy Efficient Vehicle power restrictions, additional roll bar protection, seat belt positioning and attachment rules, as well as many other safety changes, we are pleased to announce that 2018 brings minor changes to the rules and regulations.

Whilst we are still finalising the 2018 Handbooks (t0 be released in the next few days), there is no need for panic or concern.

Entry Dates/Times/Need to know

As per 2017, entries will be opened staggered across three days, to assist us with enquiries load.

Entries are open:

HPV Primary: 8AM, Wednesday 14th of March 2018
HPV Secondary: 8AM, Thursday, 15th of March 2018
Try-athlon, EEVs, Pushcarts, Innovations: 8AM, Friday, 16th March 2017

Fees for 2018 are:

  • Innovations in Technology: $40 per entry
  • Pushcarts: $320
  • HPV/EEV/Try-Athlon: $550

We recommend all school’s test logins, reset passwords, create new accounts, etc. the week prior to entries opening.

Some Exciting Developments

We are pleased to announce, for the 2018 event (and hopefully beyond) that we will be offering automatic* entries for all 2017 class winners into the 2018 event.

What does this mean for me?

As you know, entry day can be quite stressful. Entries are capped (for safety and capacity), and entries do ‘sell out’ fast. If your team was the official overall winner for a 2017 class, you do not have to worry about entering your team, as we’ll take care of this for you.

Some questions we’ve preempted:

  • Q: I won my class in 2017, is my entry FREE?
    A: No, sorry. Whilst your entry is automatic, an invoice will still be generated for your organisation or school.
  • Q: My school or orgnisation was an overall winner in 2017, but we will not be participating in 2018, what do we do?
    A: Well, we’re sad to see you go  and hope you’ll be back in 2018,  but that is fine. We understand school’s have different priorities year to year. In this instance, please let us know.
  • Q: If the overall winner for 2017 of my class doesn’t want their automatic entry, and my team came overall runner-up for 2017 of my class, does the automatic entry fall onto me?
    A: Unfortunatly, no. The automatic entries for the 2018 event are only for those who were overall winners of their category for the 2017 event.

Communicating with us in 2018

Whilst there are lots of possible people within our organisation that you can contact for all sorts of questions and queries, we ask that you direct all electronic communication in 2018 via our primary email address: enquiries@eb.org.au.

It’s not that we don’t like you (promise), directing through our primary email address will help us with logging, prioritising and assisting you with directing your enquiry to the right person.

EB18 Back to Grass Roots

RACV Energy Breakthrough has always remained more than just a ‘race’, and as our mission suggests, ‘we exist to inspire young Australians to embrace learning, be creative and innovative, and drive change through the power of collaboration; to celebrate human endeavour and achievement, to respect and care for the environment and our communities.’

The 2018 RACV Energy Breakthrough and the lead up will be very much focused on education, learning, STEM and innovation – something to keep in mind.