The 2016 School’s Handbook is now available to download and is your comprehensive guide to this year’s RACV Energy Breakthrough. Visit the Downloads page now to get your copy >

Things Staying the Same

2015 saw major changes to track event times for the HPV Primary, HPV Secondary, Try-athlon, EEV and Pushcart categories. Due to the success of the schedule changes and the positive feedback received from schools, the 2016 schedule and event times will mainly remain unchanged. In saying this, we recommend you read the schedules located in the handbook just to make sure!

The 2016 Energy Breakthrough will also see both the EEV’s and HPV Secondary’s continue their trial on the RACV Track at the same time as per last years changes.

Things Changing

Changes to this year’s handbook are focused around the specifications section. This has been reviewed and refined for 2016 to improve rider safety. Teams are advised to read the specifications carefully to ensure your vehicles meet our latest safety standards.

Major points to review include:

  • We have created definitions around the different bodywork styles and this impacts the protection bar requirements and clearances. Vehicles that are classed as ‘open’ or ‘aerodynamically enclosed’ will have full roll bar requirements.
  • Fully enclosed hard shell vehicles built from a stiff composite material have a different set of requirements. A vehicle will only be regarded as a fully enclosed hard shell vehicle if the tallest rider is able to stand on the roof without deflection.
  • In 2015 vehicles were allowed to compete with one overhead protection bar, this will not be allowed in 2016. All ‘open’ or ‘aerodynamically enclosed’ vehicles will require two longitudinal bars above the riders head.
  • 2016 will be the final year of Petrol Only class for EEVs.

Download the 2016 Handbook >

Note: The EEV rules have been merged with the HPV rules to reduce duplication. EEV teams will also need to look at the additional EEV supplement.

If you have any questions regarding rules and specification changes, feel free to Contact Us.

Entries Open

A reminder to all schools that entries for the 2016 open next week. To find out dates, times and pricing, visit our Entries Page.