InnovationsCD_2_FullTerm 4 brings spring, warm weather, HPV assembling, pushcart building, crafty designing and of course, the 2015 RACV Energy Breakthrough!

At this late stage, the RACV Energy Breakthrough team are still accepting entries for the Innovations in Technology (Crafty Design) category for 2015. This section offers more than it appears on the surface.

Innovations in Technology will challenge your students to create a craft that resembled some of the Macro Invertebrates that live in and around the water. Using almost any materials, a craft had to run under its own power, along a canal of 9.4 metres, carrying a full soft drink can, within the set time of 3 minutes. Batteries not included.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]The students learn about Force & Energy, the Greenhouse Effect – what it is and what causes it and different forms of renewable energy used to generate electricity. They learn about the design and construction of a water craft and creative ways to power it to meet the challenge. Beaming smiles and delight were displayed when my students had the opportunity to show how their craft worked. ~ Chris Gilligan (Glendal Primary School)[/quote]

The Crafty Design category is perfect for students who may not be interested in HPVs or Pushcarts and provides opportunity for students to be creative and use their technical skills whilst being involved.

Is your school interested? Why not read the handbook and find out the details?

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Here’s a recap of your countdown to November…

16-Oct    Complete Camping Form by this date (online) < that’s today!
16-Oct    Complete Pit Request by this date (online) < that’s today!
22-Oct    Finalise your team name by this date (online)
4-Nov     Check online for Information Kits
9-Nov    Ensure all your online contact details are current (especially mobile phone)
13-Nov    Complete Rider details (online)
13-Nov    Support crews details required (online)
18-Nov    Teams start to arrive
19-Nov    First day of event


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