racveb12_c20The Week has arrived! Are you ready to take the challenge for this years RACV Energy Breakthrough?

Yes that’s right, it’s hard to believe some months ago that were frantically refreshing our website, patiently awaiting for entries to open and now the time has come.

We can’t wait to see you this week, but before you leave we have three things for you todo!

Step 1:

Download our latest newsletter (5.1mb)

Step 2:

Read through and print off our checklist below, to ensure you’ve got the essentials

Step 3:

Well, there isn’t one. Travel safe, have fun and enjoy this years event!


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Personal Gear

  • An Australian or New Zealand approved helmet
  • 2 x Safety glasses
  • 1 x Short or long fingered pair of gloves
  • 2 x T-shirt or riding shirt to ride in
  • 2 x Other t-shirts
  • 2 x Riding shorts or equivalent
  • 2 x other Shorts
  • 1 x Tracksuit or long pants
  • 1 x Long sleeved jacket or jumper
  • 1 x Raincoat
  • 1 x Riding shoes or runners
  • 1 x Spare pair of shoes
  • 4 x Pairs of socks
  • 4 x pairs of Underwear
  •  A Hat
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Bathers
  • Torch
  • Drink bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Aero-guard
  • Camera
  • Laptop/iPad/Tablet (for race results)
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Camping Gear

When coming to Maryborough you’ll also need to consider what you’re going to need at your campsite. Check below to see if you’re ready!

  • Tent (don’t forget the pegs!)
  • Hammer
  • Sleeping bag
  • Mattress or sleeping mat
  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Plate/bowl/cup and cutlery
  • Alarm clock
  • Mobile phone
  • Tea-towel
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Other Bits

The most obvious things are the easy forgotten, make sure you at least bring your HPV, EEV, Pushcart or craft!

  • HPV, EEV, Pushcart or Craft
  • Spare tires
  • Spare Chains
  • Spare Gears
  • Spare Brakes
  • Spare headlight and taillight
  • Cable ties (and lots of them!)
  • Gaffer Tape/Duct Tape (lots of these guys also)
  • Pit marquee
  • Stanly knife
  • Screwdriver set
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  • Class roll
  • A list of parents, staff and extra volunteers
  • First Aid kit
  • Emergency telephone
  • Sunscreen (and lots of it!)
  • Laptop/iPad/tablet (to access race results)
  • Emergency contact sheet
  • Information kit
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Don’t forget to pack your smiles, enthusiasm, your super-fast riding legs and all your necessary props and speeches for your presentations. Most of all, don’t forget your HPV, Pushcart, EEV or craft! Be sure to remember the bits and bobs you may need to repair your trike over the weekend.

The team at RACV Energy Breakthrough can’t wait to see you arrive on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, and  wishes you a competitive, yet fun filled weekend at the 2013 RACV Energy Breakthrough!