We need you!

We want you to join our team.

The RACV Energy Breakthrough simply wouldn’t happen without the army of volunteers giving their time and energy!

Our 2013 Volunteering Information Kit aims to offer you as much info as we could muster about how you can volunteer for the 23rd edition of the RACV Energy Breakthrough. We’ll explain a range of roles, what’s involved in them and the time required, before covering important stuff like accommodation, food and the vibe.

We have over 700 volunteers who come together in Maryborough each November to help make the event memorable, fun and safe for 5,000 students from 150 schools in 350 teams. In 2009, the event won the Victorian Tourism Award for Best Festival and Event – and we are keen to maintain our high standards.

What do we need volunteers for? We need people with muscles who can help us set up, people who can plan or administrate, people who can marshal, people who have ‘people skills’ and people who love to entertain.

Volunteer Roles Available:

  • Judge – Display & Presentation
  • Judge – Innovations in Technology
  • Judge – Design & Construction
  • Track Marshall – Try-athlon Obstacle and Time Trial (Friday only)
  • Track Side Entertainment (Stages)
  • On-Site News Reporter & Social Media Contributor
  • Onsite wifi Support
  • Website Editor
  • Camping Assistant
  • Video Producer
  • Track Marshalling (HPV Secondary 24 hour event)

Whilst age is no barrier we’d love to see more young people become involved in the planning and administration of the event. Of course, that’s not to say that we will turn away willing helpers!