Dean from REV Bikes

The exciting world of electric bikes and Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEV’s) was on
display at the Holmesglen TAFE workshop last month.

Rebecca and Dean from REV Electric Bikes took time to explain some of the chemistry, mechanics and science behind what powers an Electric motor.

The program was a valuable experience for the students from Ballarat Christian College, who were shown how to make the most from this technology.

For this year’s RACV Energy Breakthrough, the students were given helpful advice about charging batteries and efficient driving techniques using electric powered vehicles.

REV Bikes operates from their workshop in Warrandyte, where they specialize in converting existing bikes into electric bikes and HPVs.

The team have a good record with the Energy Breakthrough, having their motors used by Holmesglen and Seymour, both taking line honours in their respective classes last year.

The guys again will be at the 2013 Energy Breakthrough, ready to assist any teams with complications or issues throughout the event.

At the core of Dean’s demonstration was an important message about climate change and how electric motors play a big role in combating the unsustainable use of fossil fuels.

“What you’ve seen here today, is the technology everybody will be using in the future.”

As for going fast, Rebecca said, “You won’t have a problem with our motors!”

Steve from Niubike also talked to the students and demonstrated the practicalities of using this technology in this year’s race.

Glen, a teacher from Ballarat Christian College had praise for the workshop, saying “For these guys to learn about electric technology, it’s great education they’ll have for our future transport needs.”

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Jake Stevens

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Missed out? This Workshop will be repeated on 29 August 2013.

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