It’s that time of the year again … time to … Enter!

Are you ready to join our adventure at the 23rd edition of the RACV Energy Breakthrough?

Well, guess what? We are pleased to announce the opening of entries for the 2013 RACV Energy Breakthrough this morning. Team Managers are now invited to register an online account with us or login with their existing account and enter their teams.

Online Entry System
This is our second year of which we are using our Online Entry System and this year we have packed it with some new features!

Our Online Entry System is a one-stop-shop for team managers to submit entries, check payments, fill-in rider lists, camping details, pit requests, name changes and you can even withdraw! This year we have included the ability to apply for the Holden Mentor Program & Electric Vehicle incentive packages through the ‘Additional Programs’ page.

If you’re new to our online system or your memory is a little vague from last year, check out our Step-by-Step Guide. It walks you through the entire process and includes some handy tips and tricks.

If you’re not having much luck logging in, or are really stuck, shoot us an email (breakthrough

[at]cgoldshire.vic.gov.au) or give us a call (03) 5461 0610.

What category should I be in?
Forgotten which category you should be in or new to the whole process?
Research each of the Categories of Entry here.

2013 School’s Handbook
Along with the entries opening this morning, the 2013 School’s Handbook is also available for download from our Downloads page.

The School’s Handbook covers all of the information, rules, specifications and event details for the 2013 RACV Energy Breakthrough.