These days, everyone wants to be connected.

At the RACV Energy Breakthrough, we have been offering live race results over wifi for over eight years. Now with the help of our wifi partners NodeCity, we’ve believe we’ve built an improved network with greater coverage than ever before.

We’ve set up two different networks for you to connect to over the weekend:

  • racv-race –  dedicated to live race results network for teams in pit lane, and
  • racv-public – a free wifi network for connecting to the interwebs. We’d love to see schools sharing their experiences and photos throughout the weekend. If you want to do this on our Facebook page or via Twitter – even better!

We’ll always prioritise the race network over the public network. Plus we’ll be keeping an eye on bandwidth over the weekend too.

Well, enough jibber-jabber, here’s what you want to know:

Live Race Results using RMonitor Timing Software:

Connect to Network: RACV-race
Password: racerace

Download the RMonitor application from our ‘Downloads’ page or you can get it installed by our team at the Admin Centre.

Set-up instructions:
Once you’ve installed RMonitor:
1.    Go to the ‘Settings Menu’
2.    Select ‘Communication’
3.    Select the ‘TCP/IP’ button
4.    Enter the relevant IP Address here:

Holden Track:
RACV Track:
Port: 50000

Browser based

Connect to Network: RACV-race
Password: racerace

Type Holden Track: or RACV Track: into your web browser.

User: pub

Click on ‘Track Commentator’

Run an Apple Mac, an iPad, iPod or an iPhone?

Head to the App Store and buy the ‘Race Monitor’ software.
(Heads-up: It’s about $5.50

Race Monitor for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Race Monitor for Apple Mac desktop

Free Public Wifi

Connect to network: RACV-public

Join us online at on Facebook or Twitter
•    Request a song
•    Post photos of your experience
•    Cheer your team on!
•    Keep up with the latest news

Facebook –

Thanks to our Wifi Partner:


nodecity “design, build and evolve networks” – and that’s exactly what they’ve done for the RACV Energy Breakthrough’s onsite wireless network. Over an open event site of approximately two kilometres, nodecity have guided the process of providing teams, parents and spectators with live race results PLUS access to the world wide web to share their stories and experiences in real time. Pretty awesome stuff.

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