Would you like access to an industry expert to talk about vehicle design, aerodynamics, vehicle handling, the impact of vehicles on the environment, or alternative energy sources? Well here is your chance!!!

In a new initiative for 2010, Holden has a team of mentors ready to support primary school teams entered in the HPV A Class for the 2010 RACV Energy Breakthrough.

ItÕs a great opportunity for your school to develop a mentorship with an industry leader from Holden and for your students to hear what industry experts are saying about the future of personal transportation and the environment.

Find out more and Register your interest!

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Not in a HPV A team, but would like some advice?

We have contact details for a range of experienced teachers on our For Sale, Assistance and Advice page.

They are all more that happy to give advice on how to prepare an entry for the Hybrid, Pushcart or HPV Secondary categories.

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