The numbers are in – thanks to everyone who voted in the 2006 Feedback Poll – please remember to vote again in December 2007! The survey is conducted on this website straight after the event. View all the stats, section by section at: Feedback Results 06

Your comments are vital to the improvement of the Energy Breakthrough and whilst kept anonymous, here are some we can make public:

“Thankyou for staging another successful event better again than previous ones. We have been there for ten years and the organisation was the best. We shall be there again next year!” – Team Manager, HPV A

“Congratulations to all involved – the best one I have been to we have been coming since 1997.” – Team Manager, HPV A

“This years RACV EB was extremely well organized and delivered. I have been involved in this race for close to a decade now and this would have to be the best year I have attended to date. I would be more than happy to help out where possible in up coming events, and am looking forward to 2007. Please contact me for further information and assistance if required.” – Team Manager, HPV Open and Class C

“Thanks very much for an overall fantastic weekend. the Energy Breakthrough just keeps getting bigger and better. The best weekend of the year for every student that is lucky enough to compete.” – Student, HPV Open category

View all the stats, section by section at: Feedback Results 06