Former RACV Energy Breakthrough participant, Dean Cowling has led RMIT Racing’s Formula SAE team to success in the United States!

RMIT Racing has won the 2006 Detroit FSAE Cup, held on May 20 and 21.

Dean has been the Team Leader of RMIT for the past 18 months and participated in the RACV Energy Breakthrough between 1997 and 2001.

RMIT had a frantic race build-up as they blew-up and rebuilt an engine in the lead-up to the event. They eventually finished 100 points clear of second in a field of 140 teams!

The Cup is now back at RMIT as the core team of four prepare for the Californian leg of their tour, to be held on June 17.

The Society of Automotive Engineers, Australasian division is a sponsor of the RACV Energy Breakthrough and Dean has likened the Formula to Ôthe Energy Breakthrough for UniversitiesÕ.

Similar to the RACV EB, teams are judged over a range of disciplines Ð not just their on-track performance.

The point system encompasses:

Cost score (Out of 100) [In Detroit, RMIT scored 84.767]

Presentation score (75) [RMIT: 65.967]

Design score (150): [RMIT:130]

Acceleration score (75): [RMIT: 58.505]

Skid Pad score (50): [RMIT: 25.128]

Autocross score (150): [RMIT: 123.323]

Endurance Economy score (400): [RMIT: 400]

RMITÕs total score was 887.869, with Penn State University second on 785.98 points and third place went to the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor on 759.35.

Dean Cowling is pictured here providing a tour of RMITÕs FSAE workshop to an Energy Breakthrough group from Flora Hill and Bendigo Youth Racing earlier this year.

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