If you have aspirations as a sports journalist, a writer or just love cycling and racing Ð the teams at www.racvenergybreakthrough.net and www.cyclesportnews.com would love to hear from you.

Manager of the Energy Breakthrough website, Nigel Preston is hoping to create a media team to assist in covering the event. ÒIÕm hoping to get around 10-15 contributors to cover all of the categories at the event and then allow the team to upload the stories as they complete them. We want to hear all of the stories from the Pushcarts, Innovations, Try-athlon, all HPV classes and the Hybrids. This could be a fantastic way for students to be a part of promoting the Breakthrough by sharing their experiences.Ó

The internet is a vital tool for distributing information during the event to friends, family, supports and sponsors unable to physically be in Maryborough. Short stories of 150 – 300 words would be required from the writers and would be excellent for the site Ð which we hope to update twice a day during the weekend.

The best articles will be shared with our partnering news service Ð www.cyclesportnews.com

CycleSportNews.com is an online news service dedicated to all things cycling Ð including HPVs, recumbent, BMX, mountain bikes, and menÕs and womenÕs road cycling.

Peter Ford is a former teacher who wanted to focus on club level cycling and Australians racing overseas. Peter found that there was a need to inform people through the internet about cycling beyond the race winners Ð about peopleÕs stories and in the case of the Breakthrough focusing on the students involved.

ÒIÕm sure that theyÕve all experienced crisis and set back along the way and IÕd love to capture that from a studentÕs perspective.Ó Peter said.

For more information about the Media Team, contact Nigel Preston via theContact page.