Planning for the 2020 Energy Breakthrough, our 30th edition, is now in full swing and here’s all the information you might need to get your school entered, prepared and on the road to Maryborough, Victoria in November!

Changes in 2020

This year we are planning for minimal changes in rules and specifications for Pushcarts, HPV and EEVs. There are a few areas that need to be updated and we are working on these now.

The Innovations in Technology category needs to be revamped and re-energised. We are exploring some options in this category to make it more relevant and exciting for schools and students. This work will take place during the first half of the year but in the meantime Crafty Designs and the Junkyard Challenge will run as per previous years.

Getting Ready for Entries

Energy Breakthrough is always about participation and inclusion, and that’s why we welcome and encourage new schools to enter any or all categories! Through our workshops, mentors and guidance, new schools aren’t alone getting ready for their first Energy Breakthrough.

New schools are encouraged to get online now and register their school details in preparation for entry day. Energy Breakthrough has a priority system for new schools and thus, you must register prior to entry day to ensure to get the full advantage of this.

Existing schools are also encouraged to log in to the entry system prior, ensure their ‘Primary Team Manager’ is up-to-date, reset any forgotten passwords and Contact Us with any account inquiries or issues.

Important Dates for 2020

  • 3rd March: 2020 Handbook Completed and Online
  • 17 March (8am): HPV A Entries Open
  • 18 March (8am): HPV Secondary and EEV Entries Open
  • 19 March (8am) Pushcarts, Tryathlon & Innovations Entries Open
  • 18 – 22 November: Energy Breakthrough, Maryborough

The team thanks schools, teachers, students and families for continuing to be part of this wonderful journey of learning, excitement and energy. Each year we are amazed and moved by what young people can do.

We’re looking forward to working with you once again, on our 30th edition of the Energy Breakthrough in Maryborough, Victoria