Friday the 21st saw the first day of racing for the weekend. With the Primary Pushcarts completing their endurance race in the morning, the tri-athlon on the RACV track in the afternoon, and the beginning of the Primary School HPV trial on the Holden Track. Lots of fun was to be had by all, with thrills, spills, and some fantastic feats of human power shown in all events.

Passion and pedals mark the first part of the Primary Endurance. The top three teams are battling for the lead, with less than three laps separating the pole positions: Frankston Primary School, Derinya and Jells Park. The primary race was plagued with small track incidents but our youngest racers’ resilience and enthusiasm is unwavering.

The new and improved obstacle course got its first run today and really challenged teams with a tunnel, bridge, cones and spatial challenges. Speed trials occurred in perfect riding conditions and as always crash corner provided spectators with exciting viewing.

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With a revised course for the 25th Anniversary, the Pushcarts began their endurance race on the Holden Track early in the morning. Teams of 10 pushed through their physical barriers to race their pushcarts around the 1.2 km track- making for some excellent viewing and a fun time to be had by all.

Secondary HPVs and EEVs
With a longer track and all new records to be set for the 25th Anniversary, time trials on the RACV Track pioneered new standards. With three teams clocking scores under 2mins (Woodleigh, RODE Rage and Good Shepherd – Hamilton) tomorrow’s race will be electric.

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The weather dropped ten degrees within an hour today in Maryborough. Today’s forecast is less erratic: mostly sunny, with a max of 22.