Inside Woodleigh School’s success at the RACV EB

Not many schools achieve back-to-back success in Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) events. So, we caught up with their Team Manager and RACV EB Alumni Jono Keane to find out more about their approach. Whilst they were pipped for line honours by Energy Efficient Vehicles on both occasions - first by Rode RAGE (2015) and then by Ormeau State High School (2016) - there was still plenty for the Woodleigh team to be proud of as we discovered...

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2014 Contenders and Challengers

Let's take a look at some of the likely - and maybe not so likely - contenders lining up for this weekend's 24th edition of the RACV Energy Breakthrough. "When I arrived at the Energy Breakthrough back in 2000, the talk was all about Wonthaggi vs Kurnai for the win. But come Sunday, it was Bendigo Senior and De La Salle racing down to the wire... and it was only decided in the last 20 minutes. They both came outta no where. Will your team be the one that 'breaks through' (sorry, bad pun) from the pack?"

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